Walk 15  From Wimbledon, at the South-Western End of the District Line, to Kingston


Walk Distance   8.5 Kilometres (5.5 miles)

Underfoot   Good paths throughout

Journey Time (from Central London to Wimbledon)   30 minutes

Getting Back to Central London   Return from Kingston Railway Station

Points of Interest   Wimbledon Common, Richmond Park

Refreshments -  Cafes and pubs near the start in Wimbledon Village and at the end in Kingston.

Opportunities For Shortening This Walk  -

Route Description


1.   Come out of Wimbledon Station, cross the road and turn right. Cross two busy junctions using the traffic lights You are now going to walk gently uphill for a kilometre.  If you would prefer to avoid this you can catch a No 93 bus at Bus Stop R which you are about to reach.   (Take the bus for two stops to “Marryat Road” opposite the Rose & Crown Pub and pick up the route at the war memorial.) Otherwise continue up the road and come to Wimbledon Village which is full of cafes, shops, restaurants and pubs.  At the first roundabout the road swings slightly to the right. At the second roundabout it swings to the left.

2.  Continue to the end the village using the left-hand pavement. Wimbledon Common is now on your left and ahead of you is a war memorial.  Walk up to the war memorial on the paved path and go around it it to continue in exactly the same direction. (See additional map below) After a few steps, reach a small road and look ahead to the first stretch of common to see a sandy/muddy track (depending on season) also going generally in the same direction but bending slightly to the right.  Cross the road and follow the track for 140m to reach another road.

3.  There is a track, directly opposite which goes straight ahead.  It is divided into a wide bridleway on the right and a narrower footpath on the left.  Cross the road and follow the footpath ignoring all turnings to left and right including a wide path which cuts across it diagonally after 500m  After 800m (i.e, 300m after the diagonal crossing path)  reach a prominent crossing track and another one after another 200m. Continue ahead and also ignore some more paths which appear right and left.   After another 700m reach a fork.  Take the right hand path and pass a golf green on your right and a bench on your left. The path starts to descend. Continue ahead and after another 500m go right and then immediately left to continue in the same direction.

4.  Through the trees on your right you will now see a large open space.  Continue to follow the edge of the woods around the boundary of these playing fields until you reach a large clubhouse.  Turn left across a brick bridge and walk towards a busy road which you can see ahead.  You have reached the busy A3.  Cross with care using the traffic lights and go ahead to enter Richmond Park.

5.  As you enter the park there is a car park on your right and a vehicle roundabout ahead.  About 50m before reaching the roundabout turn left on a prominent path among the trees and bracken. You are now walking in a corridor between the wall of the park on your left and the car road which is going to the “Kingston Gate’.  Continue for 3Km along this path to reach the Kingston Gate of Richmond Park.

6.  Exit Richmond Park and turn right on Kings Road. After about 500m the road swings right. At this point turn left into Acre Road and follow it for another 700m to reach a main road. Turn left and walk 250m to reach Kingston Railway Station with regular trains to London Waterloo.