Walk No 10 –   From West Ruislip, at the western end of the Central Line, to Northwood Hills

Walk Distance  7 Kilometres (4.5 miles)  

Underfoot - Mostly good paths. 

Journey Time (from Central London to West Ruislip)   40 minutes

Getting Back to Central London   By Metropolitan Line from Northwood Hills

Points of Interest   Ruislip Lido,

Refreshments -  There is a pub at Ruislip Lido. Also, shops, pubs and cafes at Northwood Hills

Opportunities for Shortening This Walk -  You can catch an H13 bus from Ruislip Lido to  Pinner or Ruislip Manor stations

Route Directions

1.  Use the pedestrian lights outside West Ruislip Tube Station to cross to the opposite footway of the busy B466.  Turn right along the footway and walk for 250m. Turn left into an un-named road opposite a petrol station which is signed as a cul de sac. This is Clack Lane. After 80m it becomes restricted to walkers and cyclists. Walk forward along the lane and where it  swings right go ahead on a footpath with a sign which reads “Footpath R145”.  Ignore all other paths to L or R and, after 500m, reach a footbridge on your left. Cross the footbridge and walk across a field.  At the far side go through a gap in the hedge and turn right on an enclosed path. Walk to the end of the path to reach the gates of "Old Clack Farm".  This is the same start as for Walk 11. From this point forward the routes are different.

2.  Climb the stile in the right hand corner by a wall and walk down the right hand side of a field. Turn right across a small footbridge as indicated by a “Hillingdon Trail” sign. Go through a green metal gate  and swing left with the path to walk behind houses and a school. After 200m it becomes a surfaced path.  Meet Ladygate Lane.  Turn Left and then after about 100m turn right to continue in the same direction as before,  signposted "Hillingdon Trail.  After a few metres enter a quiet road with a lot of parked cars ( This is Wheelers Drive, later Wallington Close) Maintain your direction and enter a footpath again.

3.  Cross Howlett Lane and continue ahead to the right of some small shops,  This section is a pleasant grassy sward between houses on the left and trees on your right.  Finally cross an open space to reach the A4180 Bury Street. This is Ruislip Common.  Turn left at the road and continue past a mini-roundabout into Ducks Hill Road. Turn right into Reservoir Road and reach Ruislip Lido on your right. Go through a gate and enter the lido park. (By going straight ahead you can visit the artificial beach with its cafe.)

4. After visiting the lido, return to the gate and turn right.  (If you have just come through the gate and are not exploring the lido, simply turn left. ) You are now walking with the lido on your right. Pass a play area.  As you approach the Waters Edge Pub, turn left  to emerge briefly on a road.   To your right there are two car park entrances with a walkers' gate between them.  Go through the gate and walk across meadowland on a clear path.  At the first wooden fingerpost do not bear left.  Carry straight on with the lake some distance away on your right.  

5.  The path rises pleasantly between trees and continues in the same direction. After about 1Km from the gate there are direction signs and a path comes in from the right. Ignore these and carry straight on. A little further on there is a fork in the path and you can see a pond ahead. Take the right hand fork.  Cross a footbridge and a stile.  Turn right on "Footpath 37" which goes along the inside edge of some trees with a golf course on your left.  After a short distance emerge from the trees facing the golf course. Do not take the inviting path ahead.  Instead, turn sharp right past a concrete "bunker" type of building and follow a clear path through trees with a fence on your right.

6.  Presently,  the path turns left and there ceases to be any cover between you and the golf course but the path sticks closely to the trees on your right.  After another 200m the path turns sharp right and again follows the line of trees.  You are still walking with the golf course on your left but now you can see it only occasionally.  A fence of tall black railings appears on your right and you can see the tracks of the miniature railway.  Continue with the railings on your right for another 100m to a junction of paths.  Then turn left away from the black railings and walk uphill through the woods.

7. At the top of the hill, turn left and go through the first metal gate.  Walk ahead on a good path (at 90 degrees to your previous direction.) and ignore any options to go left or right. Note the fine views which open up on your left.   After about 600m the path becomes less distinct but descends clearly enough through a meadow and emerges in a sports field. As you descend you may hear the sound of trains on the nearby Metropolitan Line.  Turn right along the edge of the recreation field and look for an exit track between houses which brings you out to a residential road. Turn left and walk around two right hand bends to find another footpath which will lead you out to the main road near Northwood Hills Station.