Walk 24 - From Walthamstow Central, at the Northern End of the Victoria Line to Tottenham Hale via Walthamstow Wetlands 


Walk Distance  9.5 Kilometres (6 miles)

Underfoot  Paved or solid pathways, no mud 

Journey Time (from Central London to Walthamstow)   25 minutes

Getting Back to Central London   Return by Victoria line or train from Tottenham Hale

Points of Interest   Walthamstow High Street, Walthamstow Wetlands, River Lee

Refreshments -  Cafes and pubs in Walthamstow, visitor center cafe,  pub nearby.

Opportunities For Shortening This Walk  - Go straight to Tottenham Hale Station from the visitor center

Route Description

1.   When leaving Walthamstow Central Station, at  the top of the escalator, turn left and follow the signs to “Selborne Road” up some steep steps. Emerge in Walthamstow Bus Garage.  Turn left and cross the road to an open green area. Swing to the right and walk towards a street of shops which you can see ahead.  This is the High Street which is pedestrianised. Turn left and pass many shops and stalls.  You are going to walk approximately 3 Km in this direction.

2.   Cross Willow Walk and continue ahead down the High Street.  After 1.4Km cross St James Street and walk down Coppermill Lane with houses on both sides.  Pass the Coppermill Inn.  Approximately 2 Km from where you joined the High Street the road narrows and changes in nature. The view open out on both sides with a reservoir on the right and a Thames Water treatment center on the left.  Continue ahead.

3.   Walk for another 850m and, just after a slight bend in the road,  turn right across a bridge to enter “Walthamstow Wetlands”. Follow the pathway as it passes Coppermill Tower.  Continue for another 100m and, then,  turn right over a concrete bridge.  At the end of the bridge turn sharp left into an open space and look for a pathway going to the right. Go through a gateway and swing left on an attractive route with water on both sides. 

4.   Continue between the reservoirs until confronted by a set of large green railings with a railway line and road beyond. Turn left on a track and, soon, reach the wetlands visitor centre which has a very nice coffee shop.  Exit the visitor center on the opposite side to which you entered and walk through a car park to reach a busy road with the Ferry Boat Inn immediately ahead. Cross the road and turn right for 50 m to enter another section of Walthamstow Wetlands.

5.   Swing left with the pathway and walk for about 250m until the grassy up-slope of a reservoir appears on your left. Turn left and climb some steps up to the level of the reservoir. Turn right and walk alongside of the water with good views all around.  After 750m see a fenceline ahead which crosses the path and descends the bank to your right.  Do not go past the fenceline. Instead, go down the bank with the fence on your left. There are no steps but descending the grassy bank is not difficult.

6.  Walk ahead to follow a pathway which swings left and then right to cross a bridge and leave Walthamstow Wetlands.  At the end of the bridge turn left along a narrow pathway which goes between houses on the right and a waterway on your left.  Where this emerges in a housing estate there is a sign indicating that you should continue ahead to reach the “Lee Navigation”. At another sign, turn left towards “Tottenham Marshes”. After 200m cross a bridge and see a visitor board which welcomes you to the Lee Valley.

7.   Go ahead past the visitor board and slightly to the left on a path which crosses some open grassland.  Cross a green bridge and reach the towpath of the River Lee.  Turn left and walk to a set of locks. Cross to the other bank and continue down-river for another kilometer to reach the A503 at Tottenham Hale.  Turn right to find the tube and railway station.