Walk 25 - From Brixton Tube Station, at the Southern End of the Victoria Line to Herne Hill via Brixton Windmill and Brockwell Park

Walk Distance   5 Kilometres (3.5 miles)

Underfoot  Paved throughout 

Journey Time (from Central London to Uxbridge)   10 minutes

Getting Back to Central London   Return by train from Herne Hill to Victoria

Points of Interest   Brixton Windmill, Brockwell Park

Refreshments -  Cafes and pubs in Brixton, cafe in Brockwell Park

Opportunities For Shortening This Walk  - Bus stops en route for return to Brixton

What to Expect From This Walk  Tube lines in south london do not extend to open countryside.  So, this is deeply urban walk but it has some enjoyable features, not least,  a surprising windmill and a lovely open stretch of land in the form of Brockwell Park.  Some of the connnecting roads are quiet and leafy, The park has lots of interesting features including gardens & lakes and a cafe where you can have refreshments.  On a sunny day it is full of people doing recreational things like cycling, playing football and even taking part in a the sack race as (shown above) which I snapped in mid August 2017.

Information on Things You Will See

Brixton is a district of London, within the Borough of Lambeth. It is mainly residential with a substantial retail sector. It is a multiethnic community, with a large part of its population being of Caribbean descent. Brixton has a vibrant atmosphere with a busy street market and a thriving art scene.  The area is slowly moving up-market with many middle class families moving in to take advantage of its central location and good communications.   

Brixton Windmill is a Grade II listed building and is a significant reminder of Lambeth’s rural past. It is the only remaining windmill in central London.  It was built in 1816 on part of Stockwell Manor. Until the middle of the 19th century Brixton remained largely undeveloped and was agricultural in character.  The windmill is constructed from brick and wood but has been paint.ed with black tar, a traditional method of weather-proofing. It is 15 metres tall and at the top, there is a wooden cap which can be turned so that the sails always face the wind.The sails originally turned a series of cogs which powered a millstone on the second floor.  There is a record of a John Ashby of Brixton Hill obtaining a 99-year lease  in 1817 for two acres of land to the south of a new road to be called Cornwall Road (now Blenheim Gardens), together with a ‘brick corn mill’ and other buildings. The windmill was soon surrounded by outbuildings, which included a mill cottage and a bakehouse, where bread was baked and sold to local people. In 1957, the London County Council (LCC) bought the land, the windmill and the associated buildings and decided to turn the 2.5 acres of land into a public open space - Windmill Gardens. 

Brockwell Park consists of 125 acres of open land and commands views of the skyline of Central London. Brockwell Lido is a Grade II listed art deco building. It is an open air swimming pool with an attached café/restaurant. Other amenities in the park include gardens,  tennis courts, a bowling green, a BMX track and a miniature railway. The park is home to the Lambeth Country Show which usually takes place in July. Also, an annual fireworks display takes place around November 5.