Walk No 14 - From Richmond, at the western end of the District Line,  to Boston Manor

Walk Distance   8 Kilometres (5 miles)

Underfoot  Paved paths throughout except for 300m near the end

Journey Time (from Central London to Richmond)   30 minutes

Getting Back to Central London   By Piccadilly Line from Boston Manor

Points of Interest   Richmond Lock, Isleworth, Syon Park, Grand Union Canal

Refreshments -  Two pubs at Isleworth, Garden Centre Coffee Shop in Syon Park,  one pub at Brentford, cafe at Boston Manor

Opportunities for Shortening the Route -   Buses from Brentford  (237 or 235  to Isleworth Station)  

Route Directions


1.  Cross the road in front of Richmond Station using the pedestrian lights and go ahead through an alleyway. Turn left and walk along a road called Little Green.  Very soon, a large grassy area (Richmond Green) appears on your right.  Take the diagonal path which cuts across the centre of the green. Cross a small road and continue in the same direction to the far corner of the Green. Enter Old Palace Lane and follow it down to the River Thames (passing The White Swan PH)

2.  Turn right on the riverside path. Pass under two bridges and walk for 350m to Richmond Lock.  Use the footbridge to cross the River Thames and continue along the opposite bank in the same direction as before.  Reach the end of the riverside path and swing left on a small road to reach a main road.

3.  Turn right and walk for 400m passing a sign which says you have entered Isleworth. Where the main road swings left, turn right on Lion Wharf Road and walk down to the riverside.  Turn left and pass between Town Wharf PH and the river. Where a small river (the River Crane) enters the Thames, you are obliged to turn inland and cross a bridge. Continue past another pub called the London Apprentice.

4.  You now have a good open view of the river with Isleworth Church on your left. Swing left with road. Soon there is an entrance gate on your right signed as “Syon Park Hotel”. Enter the park and walk ahead near its right-hand perimeter. After about 300m there is a good view of Syon House to your right.

5.  Within 100m, reach Syon Park Garden Centre which has an excellent tea room.  Afterwards, continue ahead past a car park. The road narrows to a broad footpath and swings left through gates to emerge on a main road.  Turn right and walk 200m to a bridge over the Grand Union Canal at Brentford.

6.  Just before the bridge, cross the road using pedestrian traffic lights and descend to the canal side.  At this point there are numerous signposts pointing your way to “Osterley” and “Hanwell”.  Follow the towpath past waterside developments. Ahead of you on the opposite bank you will see the prominent offices of Glaxo-Smith-Kline. You will  also hear the roar of traffic on the M4,

7.  Continue on the towpath until you reach a high curved footbridge bearing the legend “Grand Central Canal Company 1820” which obliges you to cross to the other side of the waterway. Continue along the towpath and pass under two more bridges.  Immediately after the second bridge (which carries the M4), leave the canal and  turn right on a footpath signed “Boston Manor Stn”.  Climb gently uphill and go ahead at the top to emerge on a residential road. Turn right and walk to the first junction. Turn left and then right to reach Boston Manor Tube Station.









Walk No 13 –   From Richmond, a western terminus of the District Line, to Barnes via the Thames Path and Richmond Park 

Walk Distance  10 Kilometres (6 miles)  

Underfoot -  Good paths throughout.  Some roads.

Journey Time (from Central London to Richmond by District Line)   30 minutes.  You can also reach Richmond Station by train from London Waterloo.

Getting Back to Central London   By train from Barnes to Central London

Points of Interest   Richmond Green, Thames Path, Richmond Park, White Lodge and the Beverley Brook.

Refreshments -  Pubs and cafes at Richmond.  Ice creams and drinks available at Pembroke Lodge car park.

Opportunities for Shortening This Walk   Approximately 2Km from Barnes Station, you can catch a bus back to Richmond.  


Walk Description

1.  Cross the road in front of Richmond Station using the pedestrian lights and go ahead into an alleyway. At the end of the alley,  turn left and walk along a road called Little Green.  Very soon, a large grassy area (Richmond Green) appears on your right. Take the diagonal path which cuts across the centre of the green. Cross a small road and continue in the same direction to the far corner. Enter Old Palace Lane and follow it down to the River Thames (passing The White Swan PH)

2.  Turn left and go under Richmond Bridge. Continue along the riverside path with many pubs, restaurants and tearooms on your left. The path takes a slight dog-leg and enters Buccleuch Gardens.  Do not take a  well-worn path which goes off to the right. Instead continue on the main pathway. Ignore some steps on the left and go ahead to a small gate, signposted “Petersham”. Walk across a wide meadow and go through another gate into an enclosed path. Walk to the end of this and continue ahead for another 100m to find a “Capital Ring” sign on a brick wall indicating a pathway to the left.

3.  Follow this path out to a road.  Cross the road and enter Richmond Park.  Turn left, diagonally uphill, following the signs pointing to “Pembroke Lodge” and “Capital Ring” As you climb the hill a broad view opens up behind you. Near the top, go up some steps and through a large metal gate. Turn right.  There is now a rose garden to your left and, on your right,  a final chance to see the fine view over west London. Go ahead along the path to reach Pembroke Lodge which is a conference centrel and restaurant.

4.  Turn left, right,  and then left again to pass the lodge and exit through its main gateway into a car park.  Go ahead through the car park and cross a road.  Turn right along the verge and walk to the first pathway going left.  Turn left and follow it along the perimeter of a wood (Sidmouth Wood). Where the paved track swings left into a works depot,  go ahead on an earth track still along the edge of the wood. Follow this track until it reaches a five-way junction at which point, you can see two lakes in the distance. Take the right hand path of the three paths ahead of you.  Cross a crossing path and soon join a major track which goes directly towards the lakes. Walk down to the lakes but turn left immediately before reaching them.  Do not pass between them.

5. Walk along beside the lake.  Across the water, in the distance,  you can see a large white house.  At the end of the lake, turn right and continue with the lake on your right. When the lake finishes go straight ahead slightly uphill to reach a broad paved driveway.  Turn left and pass in front of the white house which is called White Lodge. Walk for another 200m to reach a junction with a road which goes acutely right.marked “White Lodge Only”  Look for a woodland path going off right from this junction into the trees. Follow the path as it swings right, then left, then straight on through the woods but parallel to a large open section of the park which you can see to your left. 

6.  In a clearing with several fallen tree trunks, turn left onto a prominent crossing path.   About 500m distant you can see a busy road used by cars to cross the park.  Follow the path down to this road.  Turn right and cross a bridge over the Beverley Brook. Exit Richmond Park by the prominent gate ahead of you (Roehampton Gate).

7.  Upon exiting the park, immediately look for a sign “Beverley Brook Walk” which points left. Follow an enclosed path with the wall of the park on your left and the brook on your right. Go through a gate and swing right to continue to follow the brook.  The scenery opens out on your left into a playing field. At the end of the field turn left on a paved path and continue to follow Beverley Brook on your right.  After roughly 250m the path leaves the brook and goes between allotments.  Reach a road and turn right. Follow this road (Hertford Avenue) for about 750m until it reaches a main road (A205). 

8.  At this point you can finish the walk by taking a bus back to Richmond Station.  Turn left and catch a 33, 337 or 493 at the nearest bus stop.  Otherwise turn right and cross the road. Walk for about 800m to the traffic light junction with Vine Street and take the path going diagonally left across East Sheen Common marked “Footpath to Barnes Station”.  Regular services to London depart from Platform 1.








Walk No 12 -  From Ealing Broadway (at the Western End of the Central and District Lines) to Boston Manor

Walk Distance   13 Kilometres (8 miles)

Underfoot  Roads or good footpaths

Journey Time (from Central London to Ealing Broadway)   30 minutes

Getting Back to Central London   Return by Piccadilly Line from Boston Manor

Points of Interest   Brent Park River Walk, Capital Ring, Pitshanger Park, Perivale Park, Hanwell Flight of Locks and Grand Union Canal, 

Refreshments -  Cafe in Pitshanger Park and at Perivale Park Golf Club.  Also the Viaduct Pub at Hanwell Bridge. 

1.  Turn right out of Ealing Broadway Tube Station and walk to a major junction.  Cross the road using the pedestrian crossing and enter Mountfield Road which is the middle of three roads going north.  Walk to the end of Mountfield road. Cross Woodville Road and enter Hillcroft Crescent. After about 100m,  where the road turns left, go straight ahead and enter the pleasant West Walk which is restricted to pedestrians and cyclists. This starts to climb gently. 

2. At the end of West Walk, go ahead for another 150m. You will find yourself looking at a hedge with a sports ground visible through a gap.  Turn right and, after 100m, turn left into Fox Lane which is restricted to walkers and bikes.  Go past some houses and a pitch-and-putt course your right. Walk to the end of Fox Lane and turn left.  (This is Sandall Road)  In 100m reach the junction with Lynwood Road. Turn right and walk towards the busy A40 Western Avenue.  

3.  Cross the junction with Brunswick Road. 15 metres before reaching the A40,  turn left into an unmarked drive between houses and garages.  Walk to the end of the drive and continue on a path with allotments on your right. The path eventually swings left and emerges in a road where there is green sign “Brent River Park Walk.” Turn right and right again into Neville Road.  

4.  After 100m turn left into Meadvale Road as indicated by another "Brent River Walk" sign. Walk for 550m  to reach the entrance to Pitshanger Park on your right. Enter the park and turn left to reach some tennis courts. At the far end of the tennis courts turn right and pass the “Tennis Courts Reception Café” which is recommended as a refreshment stop. 

5.  After the café continue in the same direction and then turn left along the edge of the park. After 70m reach a crossing path which is signposted “Perivale”.  Turn right and follow the path between fences and over a bridge.  This is your first sight of the River Brent.  Go ahead and pass a clapperboard church. Go through a lych gate, and turn left into Perivale Lane.  Walk for 400m  to the junction with Argyle Road and cross with care at the traffic lights which have no pedestrian phase.

6.  Continue ahead into the road opposite (Stockdove Way) and continue for 300m to pass under a railway bridge.  Ahead, to your left, there is Perivale Park Golf Club shop and cafe which  is another possible refreshment stop. To your right is a sports stadium.  Pass between the cafe and the stadium to reach a car barrier.

7.  After the barrier do not continue ahead on the surfaced path which follows the perimeter of the sports stadium. Instead look diagonally left along the line of a hedge to see a wooden post and a gravel track.  Follow the hedge and track and continue in the same direction down the line of bushes and rough grass which marks the boundary between the park on your right and the golf course on your left.

8.  After 250m reach a path which comes in from the right and turns to continue your direction of travel.  This is the London Ring and you follow it for almost the rest of the walk. Continue ahead and cross a bridge. Emerge on a small road and turn left to reach a larger road.  This is Greenford. Turn left across a bridge, cross the road and turn right onto a clear path signposted as the Capital Ring which follows the river south.

9. The River Brent is often hidden from the path by undergrowth. After 700m look out for a marker post on the right which takes you down some steps to the riverbank and turns left along it.  Later, rejoin the main path and within 100m come to a wooden bridge with a rubbish bin. Turn right across the bridge to the other bank of the river. Go ahead and then turn left on a path across Brent Valley Golf Course.  Follow this path for about 1km to a metal footbridge. Cross back to the left bank and turn right to follow the river. The path is mostly a grass strip beside the riverside undergrowth.

10.  After a series of meanders the path arrives at some signs. Follllow those which point to "Osterley Locks and Brentford". Join a larger track which, later, passes under a very large railway viaduct.  Another footbridge takes you back to the right hand bank and soon you reach Hanwell Bridge.  You have now walked 10 kilometers.  If you feel this is enough you can catch an E8 bus back to Ealing Broadway.  If you go left over Hanwell Bridge, you come immediately to a pub, The Viaduct, with a pleasant, spacious garden and decent food.

11.   Continue under the bridge and follow the wide footpath beside the river for another 700m to the point where it joins the Grand Union Canal. Emerge on the towpath at the Hanwell flight of locks. If you want to see the full extent of the locks turn right for a short distance on the towpath.  Otherwise turn left and walk down the canal towpath for 1.3Km and reach an imposing concrete walkway which is the Osterley Weir.

12.  Continue ahead on this walkway and pass a lock.  Within 100m there is a major bridge which carries the M4 Motorway over the canal.  Just before reaching the bridge there is a signpost pointing to “Boston Manor Stn”. Turn left and leave the towpath  Take the left hand of two paths. Climb gently and go ahead at the top to emerge on a residential road. Turn right and walk to the first junction. Turn left and then right to reach Boston Manor Tube Station.





Walk No 10 –   From West Ruislip, at the western end of the Central Line, to Northwood Hills

Walk Distance  7 Kilometres (4.5 miles)  

Underfoot - Mostly good paths. 

Journey Time (from Central London to West Ruislip)   40 minutes

Getting Back to Central London   By Metropolitan Line from Northwood Hills

Points of Interest   Ruislip Lido,

Refreshments -  There is a pub at Ruislip Lido. Also, shops, pubs and cafes at Northwood Hills

Opportunities for Shortening This Walk -  You can catch an H13 bus from Ruislip Lido to  Pinner or Ruislip Manor stations

Route Directions

1.  Use the pedestrian lights outside West Ruislip Tube Station to cross to the opposite footway of the busy B466.  Turn right along the footway and walk for 250m. Turn left into an un-named road opposite a petrol station which is signed as a cul de sac. This is Clack Lane. After 80m it becomes restricted to walkers and cyclists. Walk forward along the lane and where it  swings right go ahead on a footpath with a sign which reads “Footpath R145”.  Ignore all other paths to L or R and, after 500m, reach a footbridge on your left. Cross the footbridge and walk across a field.  At the far side go through a gap in the hedge and turn right on an enclosed path. Walk to the end of the path to reach the gates of "Old Clack Farm".  This is the same start as for Walk 11. From this point forward the routes are different.

2.  Climb the stile in the right hand corner by a wall and walk down the right hand side of a field. Turn right across a small footbridge as indicated by a “Hillingdon Trail” sign. Go through a green metal gate  and swing left with the path to walk behind houses and a school. After 200m it becomes a surfaced path.  Meet Ladygate Lane.  Turn Left and then after about 100m turn right to continue in the same direction as before,  signposted "Hillingdon Trail.  After a few metres enter a quiet road with a lot of parked cars ( This is Wheelers Drive, later Wallington Close) Maintain your direction and enter a footpath again.

3.  Cross Howlett Lane and continue ahead to the right of some small shops,  This section is a pleasant grassy sward between houses on the left and trees on your right.  Finally cross an open space to reach the A4180 Bury Street. This is Ruislip Common.  Turn left at the road and continue past a mini-roundabout into Ducks Hill Road. Turn right into Reservoir Road and reach Ruislip Lido on your right. Go through a gate and enter the lido park. (By going straight ahead you can visit the artificial beach with its cafe.)

4. After visiting the lido, return to the gate and turn right.  (If you have just come through the gate and are not exploring the lido, simply turn left. ) You are now walking with the lido on your right. Pass a play area.  As you approach the Waters Edge Pub, turn left  to emerge briefly on a road.   To your right there are two car park entrances with a walkers' gate between them.  Go through the gate and walk across meadowland on a clear path.  At the first wooden fingerpost do not bear left.  Carry straight on with the lake some distance away on your right.  

5.  The path rises pleasantly between trees and continues in the same direction. After about 1Km from the gate there are direction signs and a path comes in from the right. Ignore these and carry straight on. A little further on there is a fork in the path and you can see a pond ahead. Take the right hand fork.  Cross a footbridge and a stile.  Turn right on "Footpath 37" which goes along the inside edge of some trees with a golf course on your left.  After a short distance emerge from the trees facing the golf course. Do not take the inviting path ahead.  Instead, turn sharp right past a concrete "bunker" type of building and follow a clear path through trees with a fence on your right.

6.  Presently,  the path turns left and there ceases to be any cover between you and the golf course but the path sticks closely to the trees on your right.  After another 200m the path turns sharp right and again follows the line of trees.  You are still walking with the golf course on your left but now you can see it only occasionally.  A fence of tall black railings appears on your right and you can see the tracks of the miniature railway.  Continue with the railings on your right for another 100m to a junction of paths.  Then turn left away from the black railings and walk uphill through the woods.

7. At the top of the hill, turn left and go through the first metal gate.  Walk ahead on a good path (at 90 degrees to your previous direction.) and ignore any options to go left or right. Note the fine views which open up on your left.   After about 600m the path becomes less distinct but descends clearly enough through a meadow and emerges in a sports field. As you descend you may hear the sound of trains on the nearby Metropolitan Line.  Turn right along the edge of the recreation field and look for an exit track between houses which brings you out to a residential road. Turn left and walk around two right hand bends to find another footpath which will lead you out to the main road near Northwood Hills Station.