Walk 26 -

From Edgware Tube Station, at the Northern End of the Northern to Mill Hill East via Mill Hill Park and Arrandene Open Space



6.5 Km  (4 miles)


Mostly surfaced paths

Outward Journey

Northern Line To Edgware , About 30 minutes from Central London


By Northern Line from Mill Hill East

Points of Interest  

Mill Hill Park, Arrandene Open Space, Mill Hill Old Railway Nature
Reserve (open Saturday/Sunday)


Cafes at Edgware, Shops and Takeaway Fish and Chip Shop in Pursley Road

Public Toilets

Toilets in the Shopping Centre adjacent to Edgware Station

Shortening the Walk

No options

What To Expect from This Walk

This walk involves a fair amount of street walking but also several green open spaces, particularly Mill Hill Park and Arrandene Open Space.  It meanders its way eastwards from Edgware to Mill Hill East and concludes with an unusual stretch along a disused railway line.

Route Directions

1. After passing the ticket barriers at Edgware Underground Station, cross over the station approach and turn right on the main road (Station Road). After 60m, another right turn takes you  into Bakery Path, which you follow to Brook Avenue. Turn right and walk to the end of the road. Enter a small park and cross a bridge over Deans Brook. Leave the park and reach the corner of Farm Road and West Way. Go straight ahead up West Way to a T-junction and take a right turn into Deans Lane. 

2. Walk to the pedestrian lights, cross to the opposite footway and continue in the same direction as before. Take a path to the left which drops down below the level of the road to the entrance of Mill Hill Old Railway Nature Reserve. There are two options here.

If the nature reserve is open 

Pass through the gate and follow the path for 900m. Exit through another gate and turn immediately right. You will find a small water course (Burnt Oak Brook) blocking your route but turn left on a faint path for 100m and then go right over a bridge to reach Lyndhurst Park. Turn left on a path which you follow through the park and then exit via steps into Bunns Lane.

If the nature reserve is closed

Continue up the footpath past the entrance gate and take the first road on the left (Dryfield Road). After 450m reach a green on your right and turn left to enter The Meads, which runs parallel to Burnt Oak Brook. Continue to the end of this road and enter Lyndhurst Park through a gate in the left-hand corner, beside some houses. Follow the path through the park and then exit via steps into Bunns Lane.

3. Turn right on Bunns Lane and cross to the left-hand footway. Walk past a roundabout and continue along the left- hand footway. Follow the road as it takes you left under a railway line and the M1 motorway. Continue until you reach Flower Lane, with Mill Hill Park in view. Cross Flower Lane and turn left on the pavement along the edge of the park. From here you can either keep to the pavement along the park perimeter and then turn right into the park on a surfaced path, or you can take a short-cut diagonally across the grass (towards a dead tree) to join the same path.

4. Follow the path and go through an underpass into another section of Mill Hill Park. Continue ahead, passing some tennis courts. Just before reaching a vehicle barrier, turn right onto a smaller path. Follow this path as it turns left and right around a hedge. 200m later  turn left to leave the park through a gate into Wise Lane. Turn right and walk for 25m. Cross the road and go through a gate set in the hedge into Arrandene Open Space. Continue ahead uphill on a grassy path. 

5. At the top, ignore a crossing path and go ahead to the right of some trees, across the open space, to reach a broad woodland track in the bottom right-hand corner.  This track leads you uphill to an open meadow with good views ahead. Ignore a path which goes to the left   alongside the wood.  Instead, take the broad grassy track which descends down the middle. The track passes through a belt of trees to reach a smaller meadow. Go ahead across this meadow and pass through another small group of trees. Continue downhill to a junction with a larger path, on which you turn right to reach a gate into Wise Lane. Turn left, cross the road and walk diagonally right across an area of grass to reach Milespit Hill.

6. Turn right, walk to the end of Milespit Hill and turn left into Pursley Road. After 100m you pass a small  convenience store and a takeaway cafĂ© on the left. Cross the road to the right-hand footway and go ahead over a bridge. At the far side of the bridge, turn right and go down the steps immediately beside the bridge parapet. At the bottom, turn right on a disused railway line and follow it underneath the road bridge you have just walked over. 

7. Continue for 400m, then pass under another bridge and go through a metal field gate, with houses ahead. Walk through an alleyway leading between the houses and continue until you reach a minor road (Bettacy Road). Turn right and follow the road as it swings left to join a main road (Bettacy Hill). Turn right to reach Mill Hill East Station.